Discomfort Following Male Breast Reduction Surgery For Gynecomastia Is Often Fairly Mild

Men who happen to have male breast enlargement are quite often distressed mentally and emotionally and often do whatever they can to hide their deformity. Feelings of insecurity, excessive self consciousness, poor self image and even depression are quite common. Having gynecomastia can adversely affect interactions and relationships with others, particularly women, and even involvement in activities such as sports and working out. The good news about gynecomastia is that the surgical treatment is usually quite effective and not associated with a lot of discomfort.

Most of the men that I operate on for male breast enlargement can be treated quite effectively using ultrasonic assisted liposuction alone or combined with a small direct excision of breast tissue. This liposuction technique involves the direct injection into the tissues of a fluid containing a local anesthetic that can be clinically effective for many hours after surgery. As a result, recovery can be quite tolerable … even for a man!

A majority of my patients have indicated that the level of postoperative discomfort was quite tolerable and well controlled with oral pain medications. Many, in fact, returned to sedentary jobs within four to five days. I do recommend that they not engage in sports and working out for around 2 ½ weeks.

Gynecomastia - before surgery

After surgery

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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