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Are Implants the Best Way to Get Bigger Breasts?

Breast augmentation using breast implants is the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the United States. The implants add volume, shape, and projection to the breasts and allow for relatively predictable and customizable results. Though virtually all breast enlargements are done using implants, they are not the only way to obtain larger breasts.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

Are There Other Options Available?

A technique that has gained some publicity and acceptance in recent years is the use of fat injections in order to facilitate larger breasts. This involves the harvesting of fat from areas of excess, processing it, and then injecting it into the breast for volume enhancement. Though many plastic surgeons do use fat injections as an ancillary technique to improve breast contours and the overall results of breast reconstruction, only a relatively small number do this for a primary cosmetic breast enlargement.

There are several reasons for this, including factors such as considerably greater overall costs than those associated with implants, far greater time expenditure required, limitation of the size increase, inadequacy of needed donor fat volume, and the unpredictability of results. While the idea of using one’s own fat to enlarge one’s breasts may sound intriguing (since there is no risk of implant-related complications and you can sculpt the donor sites with liposuction), fat transfer to the breasts will not mimic the results of implants.

Why Are Implants My Best Bet?

Fat transfer breast augmentation can enhance and contribute to fullness, but it cannot do what implants can. Breast implants, especially silicone ones, have structured forms that maintain their shape so that you can achieve your desired breast appearance. Fat cannot provide the same structure and support. In addition, at least with present technology, fat injections may only increase breast size by just one cup size, thereby limiting the extent of increase. Breast implants, on the other hand, obviously do not have this “restriction”. They are the only guaranteed option for women desiring substantial breast enlargement.

Finally, because of blood supply issues and fat absorption, it can take two or more fat injection sessions to obtain the desired result whereas with breast implants (as long as the correct size implant is selected), just one procedure is required to obtain the appropriate breast size.

There is no denying that breast implants involve risks like rupture and capsular contracture, which are not issues with fat transfer breast augmentation. That said, when it comes to the outcome and appearance of your breasts, the potential complications of breast implants are well worth it. The wide variety of implants and techniques used for breast augmentation allow you more control in customizing your procedure, leading to more desirable results.

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