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“Dear Dr. Turkeltaub,
Before moving out of town, I wanted to write this letter in hopes of conveying my boundless gratitude to you and your team for helping me restore my life. When puberty came knocking on my door at age twelve, I felt like my body was betraying me, but I had no words to describe what I was feeling, and no idea that transgender people even existed. So I got on with my life, buried what I could, and found some notable ways to distract myself for many years — all the while getting validation for how I looked as a woman, which only pushed me deeper into my own psychological prison of gender dysphoria. Now at age thirty-one, I’m finally coming back to myself and feeling a freedom in my body that I had long since forgotten.
I couldn’t be happier with my new chest and surprised too by how manageable my postoperative recovery was. I had no bruising and very little pain, which I credit to your surgical expertise! I’m sure you already know that your colleagues are truly wonderful. They made the whole process a breeze from start to finish, and I will forever by grateful to them.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dr. T — for helping me and so many others. Your genuine allyship with the transgender community mean more to us than you will ever know. Wishing you the best, always.
– FTM/FTN Transgender Top Surgery Patient

“Thank you for making my dream of 20 years come true! You are the best.”
– V., Plastic Surgery Patient

“You’re the Best! I’m so grateful meeting you sixteen years ago and now this year. I couldn’t have asked for a greater plastic surgeon. You’re the best ever Dr. Turkeltaub. Thank you.”
– L., Breast Surgery Patient

“Thank you Dr. Turkeltaub for all you T. L. C. I feel fortunate to have found such an excellent surgeon. You are appreciated.”
– J., Plastic Surgery Patient

“I want to thank you for chaging my life. You are truly blessed with amazing talent! Again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!
– M., Breast Augmentation Patient

“Your knowledgeable and caring staff has made my journey much easier. Even though it’s a job for you all, please remember that I benefit every single day from your talents.”
– J., Breast Reconstruction Patient

“I just want to thank you so much for everything. I can’t tell you how this has changed my life. I still can’t believe it’s me. WOW! Thank you for everything and for being so wonderful to my husband and me. My husband says ‘Way to go Dr. T.!'”
– B., Breast Augmentation Patient

“I know I’ve already thanked you, but 3 ½ months after breast reduction, I look in the mirror and cannot believe I have these gorgeous boobs. My mother had breast reduction in her 70’s, which by the way, I never thought looked very natural. But she was very pleased with the results. She told me not to wait and encouraged me to have the surgery. I wish she was alive to see how beautiful they are. She would have been very pleased for me.”
This surgery has boosted by confidence although I didn’t realize I was lacking so much of it. Please know how grateful and thankful I am to have had a wonderful surgeon such as yourself.

May God continue to bless you”
– K., Breast Reduction Patient

“One year ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life to have you perform my breast augmentation surgery! I am quite pleased with my result. The boost in confidence I experienced due to the surgery led me to compete in two fitness shows this year. I plan to compete on a national level in November. I want to thank you and your great staff for the professional but very caring experience I had last year.”
-L.W. Breast Augmentation Patient, Phoenix AZ

“I wanted to express a special thank you to you and everyone else in the office for the warm treatment you showed me. I found talking to you especially helpful and you gave me the confidence to finally go through with the surgery. I appreciate your input a lot. Dr. Turkeltaub is great and he and his staff will be highly recommended whenever someone may admire the new me! Thanks again!”
-S.B. Breast Augmentation Patient, Scottsdale AZ

“Your surgical expertise is Genius! The warmth and professionalism that you give is the ultimate comfort. Thank you for all that you are doing. May you continue to bless and help all those who are fortunate to be in your care!”
-B.L. Breast Reconstruction Patient, Glendale AZ

“I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all that you have done to help me with my situation. A month ago I was so severely depressed that it was affecting every part of my life. It is because of the caring and professional way you and your staff took care of me that my whole life has changed. I cannot express to you how happy I am and how good I feel. My only regret is that I did not come to you in the first place. Thank you so much!”
-K.H Breast Augmentation Revision Patient, Phoenix AZ

“Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you and all that you do. You and your incredible staff are amazing! From our first visit, you made us feel very comfortable at a most terrifying time of our lives. The word cancer does truly make you see things in a different light.
You are blessed with a delightful sense of humor and our fondest wish is that you keep it and spread it around every chance you get.”
-L.R. Plastic Surgery Patient, Scottsdale AZ