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Enduring the physical, emotional and psychological challenges of having a body that does not anatomically match one’s gender identity should not have to be an accepted way of life for any individual. Significant improvements in gender-affirming top surgery now make it possible for transgender males (transmen), transgender females (transwomen), and nonbinary individuals to achieve their desired breast anatomy with results that can be incredibly natural-looking and truly life-changing.

At the Arizona Center for Breast Surgery, Steven Turkeltaub, MD offers several methods for performing female-to-male (FTM) top surgery and male-to-female (MTF) top surgery, providing patients with personalized treatments in order to help them achieve the desirable and satisfying results that they are seeking. As one of Arizona’s leading top surgery providers and a member of the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH), Dr. Turkeltaub is committed to creating exceptional outcomes and delivering outstanding care in a completely safe, supportive and judgement-free environment.

To learn more about FTM, MTF and nonbinary top surgery, we invite you to read the brief descriptions and follow the links below for your procedure of interest. For any questions you may have, or to meet with Dr. Turkeltaub to discuss your treatment options in person, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

FTM & FTN Top Surgery

FTM and FTN top surgery transforms a genetically female chest into one that appears more masculine and aligns with a person’s actual gender identity. Dr. Turkeltaub is highly skilled in a variety of techniques that can be used to perform this procedure, including the popular keyhole and free nipple graft methods. Based on factors such as initial breast size, the presence of any tissue sagging and more, he can customize treatment to yield an optimal outcome for you that can be life transforming.

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MTF Top Surgery

MTF top surgery is performed to transform a genetically appearing male chest into a more feminine looking one that matches an individual’s gender identity. Though the surgery is quite similar to a standard breast augmentation, there are a number of rather important considerations and nuances that must be addressed in order to yield desirable results—making it imperative to select a physician like Dr. Turkeltaub who has extensive experience and proven success in achieving highly satisfying MTF top surgery outcomes.

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