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Boost Your Breasts After Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Breast Lift Before and After PhotosWhile most women are prepared for their abdomens to enlarge significantly during their pregnancy, many are surprised by the extent of change in their bra size. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can substantially change the appearance of the breasts, often permanently.

If your breasts have become deflated, saggy, or misshapen after pregnancy and nursing, cosmetic procedures such as a breast augmentation with a lift (mastopexy) can improve breast volume, shape, and position in order to restore your appearance.

How Pregnancy and Nursing Affect the Breasts

A woman’s breasts change in many ways throughout her life. They usually fluctuate in size to some extent during the monthly menstrual cycle. With pregnancy, the elevated hormones which prepare the body for lactation alter the breasts in quite significant ways. They swell and grow often as much as several cup sizes, stretching out the skin. In women with natural breast asymmetry, pregnancy can exaggerate the differences between the breasts.

While nursing, the process of producing milk creates denser breast tissue. After nursing, the connective and fatty tissues in the breasts can shift and alter the shape and/or position of the breasts. While some women’s breasts will shrink back to their original size, many will experience permanent breast changes after nursing. Many will find that one breast changes in different ways than the other breast, leading to noticeable asymmetry in size, shape, fullness, or position. This is particularly true when one side is favored more over the other in breastfeeding.

Breast Augmentation With Lift and Other Solutions

Quite understandably, these changes to the breasts can cause emotional distress, poor body image, and loss of sexual desire. Women who would like to restore their breasts to a more normal and attractive appearance after pregnancy and nursing can undergo plastic surgery of the breasts. There are several potential procedures that can be considered depending on each person’s particular situation and unique desires. These include a breast augmentation, a breast lift, and a breast reduction. Commonly, women undergo a breast augmentation with lift in order to restore lost volume, eliminate extra skin, improve breast contour, and elevate the breasts to a more natural and attractive position. With this procedure, women can reclaim a more youthful figure with perkier, firmer, and larger breasts.

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