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Breast Surgery Recovery Tips

Whether you undergo a breast augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstruction, the procedure requires a period of recovery that allows your breasts to heal, swelling to subside, and for them to gradually assume their more “long” term shape. Typically, your plastic surgeon will provide you with specific instructions to follow after surgery to help you to obtain the best possible results with the least risk for problems. Below are some tips that will make your recuperation more pleasant and less painful.

Breast Surgery Recovery Tips

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothes

Wearing loose clothing that can be put on and taken off with ease will reduce the amount of movement and effort required to dress yourself, making life a bit easier during this time. This is particularly true if you have had implants placed behind the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular pocket).

Wear a Medical Compression Bra

A compression bra will provide important support and comfort, aiding in the healing of your breasts during your recovery period. It can also help to minimize swelling, which may allow for better oxygenation of the tissues and more optimal healing conditions.

Eat Nutritious Foods

During recovery, it is very important to have a relatively healthy and balanced diet to provide your body with all the nutrients necessary to heal properly. This should include proteins such as meat and fish as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. I also strongly recommend that my patients take multivitamins and supplemental vitamin C. We do find that vegans and vegetarians have a higher risk for healing problems and less than ideal outcomes.

Restrict Your Activities

Certain types of activities and movements should be avoided for a period of time following your surgery to help reduce risks such as bleeding, increased pain and discomfort, and separation of incisions. Postoperative protocols with regards to activities and restrictions vary among plastic surgeons, so make sure that you are clear about your surgeon’s guidelines.

Talk to Your Doctor

Although the above are general but useful pointers that can help make your recovery and healing as ideal as possible, be sure to have a clear and thorough dialogue with your plastic surgeon regarding any treatments, limitations, and recommendations to help facilitate an ideal recovery and the best possible outcome from your breast surgery.

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