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Can I Change the Size of My Implants After Breast Augmentation?

Breast RevisionA common question asked by women considering breast augmentation is whether or not they will be able to exchange their implants for a different size later in time if they so desire. There are a few reasons why they may seek such a modification. For example, some women who previously underwent a breast augmentation may feel that their breasts were either not enlarged enough initially or that presently they would like to be even larger. Much less commonly, others may find that their breasts now are significantly larger than they are comfortable with. This could be due to a substantial intervening weight gain, change in aesthetic desires or personal situations, or very rarely – that the initial implants which were placed are too big.

So what is the answer?

Can a woman change the size of her breast implants after having undergone a breast augmentation?

Fortunately, the answer to this is “yes” and the type of procedure that this falls under is breast revision surgery.

In this situation, the breast revision surgery entails the removal of your current breast implants and replacement with appropriately sized ones in order to achieve the look that you desire. Most often, this can be accomplished using the same incisions that were employed during the initial operation.

In addition to increasing or decreasing the size of your implants, some other issues that can be addressed during breast revision surgery include:

Ultimately, it is important to note that ideal results can’t be guaranteed with breast revision surgery. However, by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon who has considerable skill and experience in correcting unsatisfactory breast outcomes, you can significantly increase the likelihood that you will obtain the results that you presently desire.

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