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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?


Like the majority of plastic surgical procedures, the overall cost of a breast augmentation will include fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist or anesthetist and for the use of the surgical facility (hospital, outpatient center or office). There will also be the cost for the breast implants which may be listed either separately or included under the surgeon’s or facility’s fees, and this number will also be affected by whether they are silicone (more expensive) or saline. An additional cost to consider would be the necessary postoperative medication which may or may not be partially/totally covered by your healthcare plan.

In addition, there are many factors that can influence each of the above prices that comprise the overall cost of breast augmentation surgery. These can include the skill, expertise and training of your plastic surgeon, the general geographic area in which you live, economy, the specific facility in which your surgery is performed and even the number of potential facilities available in which the surgery could be performed.

Since breast augmentation is classified as cosmetic surgery, you will likely be responsible for paying for all of the above expenses out-of-pocket. To help make your surgery an affordable reality, many plastic surgery practices will offer financing options with outside, reputable companies. Some common healthcare lending programs include CareCredit®, myMedicalLoan.com and United Medical Credit, all of which provide loans and payment plans for individuals who qualify for lending services.

For an estimate of what your breast augmentation may cost, you should schedule a consultation with a qualified, experienced and reputable board certified plastic surgeon. Following your consultation, a close approximation of the total cost of your procedure can be provided.

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