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Make Your Saggy, Deflated Breasts Firm and Shapely Again

A woman’s breasts help define and characterize her femininity. The breasts are an essential part of the soft curves of a woman’s body, and their firmness and shapeliness contribute to her perceived attractiveness.

If your breasts are negatively affecting your body image because they have become saggy and deflated, breast surgery can restore the appearance and feel of your breasts so that they are firmer, more curvaceous, and attractive again.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

What Causes Breasts to Become Saggy and Deflated?

There are five main factors that cause breasts to become saggy and deflated:

Weight gain results in more fat accumulation in the breasts and stretching of the breast skin. When the weight is subsequently lost, the breasts lose volume, but the skin remains stretched out at least to some extent. A similar effect can be seen with pregnancy except here the enlargement has largely to do with the increased size of the breast glands. With the loss of the hormonal effect after pregnancy and possibly breastfeeding, the breasts decrease in volume and may become deflated yet stretched out skin remains.

Aging results in a general loss of elasticity and strength of the skin, worse in some individuals than others. And, of course, then there is gravity with its relentless effects causing the breasts and other tissues to droop.

Which Procedures Can Restore Breast Firmness and Feminine Shape?

Cosmetic breast surgery can rejuvenate saggy, deflated breasts by improving their shape, position, and appearance as warranted. A breast augmentation utilizes breast implants that provide additional volume, resulting in both an increased size and improved breast firmness. Breast lift surgery entails the removal of excess breast skin along with tightening, re-configuring, and repositioning of the breasts so that they no longer sag unattractively but rather sit in a more natural and attractive position on the chest. Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of overly large, sagging breasts and lifts them up so that they look more balanced, firm, and shapely.

Each of these procedures can rejuvenate your figure and restore breast firmness and a more attractive feminine shape.

Breast surgery can restore your saggy, deflated breasts and give your breasts a firmer and shapelier appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Turkeltaub, he will determine which procedure(s) will be best for your needs and goals. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Turkeltaub today, call (480) 451-3000 or fill out our online contact form.