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Why Should You Consider Breast Implant Massages After Augmentation?

Breast implant “massages” can be an important part of your breast augmentation recovery and long-term outcome. Carefully and correctly performed implant compression exercises (“massages”) can help the healing process and may reduce the risk of implant hardening, also known as capsular contracture.

Before Breast AugmentationAfter Breast Augmentation

Preventing Capsular Contracture

When a foreign object, such as a breast implant, is placed into your body, the body naturally responds by creating a capsule of scar tissue. While this tissue does not usually cause problems, it is possible for it to shrink and tighten around the implant. When this occurs, the breast becomes hard and develops an unappealing and even distorted appearance. Capsular contracture can be painful and often requires breast revision surgery.

Breast implant massage may help to prevent the development of capsular contracture by keeping the scar tissue from tightening and hardening around the implants. This is an easy, painless, and free way to help maximize the likelihood that your breasts will remain soft.

Your Breast Massage Schedule

Each plastic surgeon who recommends these compression exercises may have their own variant of technique and protocol, which may need to be modified based on certain patient variables. This will include when to start following your surgery, how to perform them, how long each “session” is, how often they should be performed, and when they can be discontinued. It is also important that you understand exactly how to do these exercises so that you can maximize your benefit while minimizing the risk of doing anything that could affect your results long term.

Dr. Turkeltaub and his staff will make sure that you fully understand the process, which is truly quite easy. There is no rocket science here.

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