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Will a Breast Lift Make My Breasts Smaller?

If you are considering breast lift surgery (mastopexy) because of sagging, you should expect that your breasts will look better after the procedure. However, you may be surprised to learn that they will look and actually be smaller.

Should you then also consider undergoing a breast augmentation along with your breast lift?

Why Does Breast Lift Surgery Decrease Breast Size?

Research has shown that after undergoing breast lift surgery, women report an average decrease of one full cup size. This is due to the removal of stretched skin and possibly some breast tissue and the re-contouring and “compacting” of the remaining tissue.

Some of the perceived decrease in breast size may also be due to bra fit. Women with sagging breasts may wear loose-fitting bras because they tend to be more comfortable. To retain the same level of comfort after breast lift surgery, a smaller cup size is often necessary.

Will Every Woman Experience a Noticeable Decrease in Breast Size After Breast Lift Surgery?

Not every woman will experience a noticeable decrease in breast size after breast lift surgery. Factors such as the woman’s size, weight, and present breast volume as well as breast elasticity, degree of drooping and whether or not breast tissue will be targeted for removal and how much will all influence the extent and percentage of volume change. Nonetheless, most women will go down about one cup size after a breast lift.

Can I Combine My Breast Lift With Breast Augmentation to Retain or Enhance My Breast Size?

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

For women who are concerned that they may lose real breast volume and look smaller or who wish to enhance their breast volume, breast lift surgery can be combined with a breast augmentation. Dr. Turkeltaub has found that the substantial majority of women who are seeking a breast lift also want a concomitant breast augmentation. In many cases, these women have long-desired larger breasts and breast sagging presents a good opportunity to obtain them. Breast sagging may also be associated with volume loss after pregnancy and nursing, and combining the two procedures can correct both issues. To retain or enhance your breast size when considering a breast lift, combine your mastopexy with a breast augmentation. The results can be fuller, firmer, more youthful-appearing and alluring breasts.

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