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Is Breast Implant Removal Worth It?

It is becoming more common now for women to request to have their breast implants removed (explantation), whereas in the past this desire was relatively uncommon. Just as there are many reasons to get breast implants in the first place, there are a variety of reasons why a woman would want to have her breast implants removed. Much of this may be present day cultural influences.

If you are contemplating removal of your breast implants, consider the following before you make your decision.

Breast Implant Removal Before and After Photos

What to Consider

Implant Durability

Implants can last for many years but are not expected to last forever. Women with breast implants may need to undergo breast revision surgery at least once or more over the course of their lifetime. For many women, this is of little consequence because these procedures, which have very little down time, affect only a very small part of life, whereas the benefits of implants can be enjoyed a lifetime. Others may decide at some point that they no longer consider the implants to be worth having given a possible need to undergo revisionary surgery in the future.

Implant Complications

The majority of women with breast implants don’t experience significant complications like capsular contracture or bottoming out. Unfortunately, complications do happen for some patients and are usually unexpected. If you have not had complications, it is unlikely that the slight risk of complications will steer you toward their removal. However, if you have had several substantial issues or difficult complications, explantation may be worth considering, as it should alleviate these problems.

Breast Changes

Your breasts will change over time whether or not you have implants. Implants might have been exactly what you wanted and needed in the past, but as changes in your breasts occur, you may find that your opinion about having them now also is changing. Maybe you experienced considerable weight gain resulting in your breast enlarging noticeably or have had changes in shape and position as a consequence of aging, significant weight fluctuations or even multiple pregnancies.

If there is ever a point when you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and the implants are having some direct or indirect effect, you may want to consider breast revision surgery that can entail an explantation with or without also addressing your breasts themselves either through a mastopexy or breast reduction.

Aesthetic Preferences

Even if physical changes are insignificant, your aesthetic preferences for your breasts may shift over time. You have enjoyed your augmented breasts for many years but perhaps now you are considering downsizing for whatever reason. Breast revision involving implant removal and possible contouring of your breast tissues can be performed to meet your present aesthetic preferences.

Fitness Reasons

With age, many women who had “large” breast implants placed in the past are more motivated to get back in shape by taking up running, yoga, and other physical activities. They may now find that their disproportionately large breasts can interfere with their movement, speed, comfort and flexibility. If your fitness activities are more important to you than your breast size at this point in time, then breast implant removal may be worth considering. However, if you do not mind the effects that your implants might place on your physical activity, then implant removal may not be right for you.

Getting Breast Revision for Breast Implant Removal

Some people may think that once you get breast implants, there’s no going back—but you can, sort of. While implants do permanently affect your breasts to a variable degree, you can still have them removed for whatever reason. If you ultimately then want to improve their contour, there are options available.

Breast implant removal may not be for many, but it could be right for you. Dr. Turkeltaub can help you determine whether getting your implants removed is best for you. To request your consultation, please call (480) 451-3000 or complete our online contact form today.