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What Is Double Bubble Deformity?

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation have excellent results and no complications. However, some do experience complications that require correction through breast revision surgery. A double bubble deformity is one such surgical complication that can arise after breast augmentation.

What is a double bubble deformity and how would you know if you have it?

If you do have a double bubble deformity, what is the treatment?

Identifying a Double Bubble Deformity

A double bubble deformity, which occurs in a small percentage of breast augmentation patients, can be seen as a noticeable indentation or concavity traversing the lower part of the breast contour that is above the fold at the bottom of the breast mound. There are several reasons that this situation can develop, some related to surgery or surgical technique and others to individual anatomical variations, congenital issues, or increased tissue laxity over time.

There are two general categories of the double bubble deformity that relate to the location of the breast implant:

Correcting Double Bubble Deformity

The presence of a double bubble deformity, in and of itself, does not necessarily meant that it must or should be addressed. Whether or not anything should be done to either improve or possibly even fully correct the situation would depend on several factors that would include such considerations as the underlying etiology of it, its severity, probability and extent of improvement, patient concern or preference, scarring, downtime, and cost.

The specific surgical treatment for the double bubble deformity would be strongly determined and influenced by the reason for its formation. Consequently, a variety of plastic surgery procedures can be employed based on the individual circumstances. These can include such approaches as breast implant exchange and/or repositioning, a breast lift, skin tightening, capsulectomy, repair of chest wall tissue, repositioning and/or repair of the breast fold and fat injections.

If you do have a double bubble deformity, seeking out a board-certified plastic surgeon with considerable experience dealing with this issue may profound you with a higher probability of long-term success and satisfaction with the outcome.

Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub can perform breast revision to correct double bubble deformity and improve the appearance of your breasts. If you have a double bubble deformity, schedule your appointment with Dr. Turkeltaub right away so he can correct it with revisionary breast surgery. Call our office at (480) 451-3000 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment now.