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Can a Breast Lift Help Me Be More Active?

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Sagging or drooping breasts, also known as breast ptosis, is a common and bothersome issue for many women. It may just be related to overall aging and the effects of gravity; however, it is often caused by life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and substantial weight fluctuations.

Regardless of the underlying causes, having sagging breasts can be problematic — psychologically as well as physically. 

Not infrequently, they can hamper a woman’s ability to lead an active lifestyle by causing discomfort, chafing and rashes when engaging in physical activities.

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Why Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

A breast lift (mastopexy) is performed to remove redundant skin, tighten the underlying tissues, and contour and lift the breasts — including the nipple-areolar complexes — in order to enhance their shape. This rejuvenates the breasts and creates a more youthful and desirable appearance. 

Depending on the extent of ptosis, amount of breast deflation and overall volume, you can consider combining a breast augmentation and a breast lift.

Alternatively, women who struggle with overly large breasts that cause excess weight on the chest, leading to poor posture, pain and strain, may benefit from a breast reduction. The procedure removes excess skin, glandular tissue and breast fat along with breast contouring and a lift, resulting in smaller, lighter, rejuvenated breasts that no longer sag. 

This also makes it easier and more comfortable when physically active.

Breast Lift Surgery Eliminates Discomfort

When breasts sag significantly, they may bounce and move too much during exercise, even when wearing a sports bra. This can be irritating, uncomfortable and embarrassing. The excess skin may rub against the skin of the chest leading to blisters, chafing, irritation, infection and pain. It can also result in the worsening of skin laxity and breast drooping.

A lift procedure will remove excess skin and raise the breast tissue to help separate the tissue from the underlying skin for increased comfort and mobility benefits during exercise.

Breast Lift Surgery Increases Confidence During Exercise

Many women are embarrassed by the appearance of their drooping breasts, causing them to feel very self-conscious — whether at the gym or when engaging in outdoor activities. With a breast lift, patients can enjoy an enhanced breast shape that can have a hugely positive effect on self-confidence. Women may be more willing to try out more complementary outfits if they don’t need to worry about sagging breasts. 

This can be quite exciting, making one far more committed to an active exercise regime.

Curious About Your Results?

If you are wondering how breast lift surgery can help you, check out our breast lift before and after photo gallery to see how the surgery has helped our previous patients.

Interested in a Breast Lift?

If the loss of perkiness in your breasts is hampering your fitness levels or even self-confidence, a breast lift can be extremely helpful. As a specialist in the field, Dr. Turkeltaub will work with you to design a custom treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. Contact us at 480-451-3000 or fill our online form to schedule your consultation.