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Breast Reduction Surgery: The Wonders of Downsizing!

The tremendous benefits that are experienced by women who have undergone breast reduction surgery place it at the top of the list of plastic surgery procedures when it comes to patient happiness, satisfaction with the outcome and the substantial positive effects on one’s quality of life – mentally and physically.

In fact, it is even more than that experienced with breast enlargement surgery!

Day after day living with neck, back and shoulder pains, fatigue, redness and grooving of the shoulders from bra straps digging in, chest heaviness, labored breathing (which can make sleeping lying down exhausting), breast pain, difficulty of impossibility of engaging in many sports or workouts, attracting unwanted attention and constantly feeling self-conscious about one’s large size can become quite old and frustrating.

Following breast reduction surgery (when performed by competent plastic surgeons), most women experience complete to near complete resolution of their symptoms. In fact, I have had many patients over the years who have told me that either right after surgery or by their first postoperative visit a day or two later, they are already feeling far better than they did before their surgery.

The two most common statements that I have heard from a large number of my patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery is that it was the best decision that they had ever made and that it has totally changed their lives. Many also share that they feel like a new person and that they also are no longer defined by their “boobs” or are prisoners of them.

Not surprisingly, many note far greater face time with others after surgery than before (not Facetime!).

People are actually now looking at them directly and not just staring at their boobs!

The following patient of mine is representative of a patient seeking breast reduction surgery and the subsequent results. She went from a 36DDD to a 36C/D after her procedure. Her symptoms of severe neck, back and shoulder pains as well as other issues completely resolved following her breast reduction.

A) Before breast reduction surgery

B) after surgery

C) before

D) after

E) before

F) after


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