Does A Breast Reduction Lower the Risk For Developing Breast Cancer?

A breast reduction involves the removal of a significant amount of breast tissue. Intuitively, it would seem that with less volume, there would be less tissue available to degenerate into a cancer in a particular individual. This indeed has been borne out in through medical research. The decreased risk of developing breast cancer following a breast reduction has been documented in several medical studies as being somewhere between 28% and 50%. The women who benefited from this lowered risk were over the age of 40 at the time of their surgery. To date, no discernible affect was identified in women under 40 years old.
This statistical finding is great news. It is one more positive piece of information for women considering a breast reduction. For women who have an increased risk of developing breast cancer and are considering prophylactic breast tissue removal, this is not an appropriate treatment as a significant amount of breast tissue remains. A procedure such as a subcutaneous mastectomy or total mastectomy would be more appropriate.