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Effective Results From Breast Reduction Surgery: From a “G” to a “C” Bra

Taking into consideration all major cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, women who have had breast reduction surgery are the happiest and most satisfied patients. To put this into perspective, it even exceeds breast augmentation surgery where 94% of women would make the same decision if they had to do it all over again. A major reason for this is that breast reduction surgery is so effective in improving or totally alleviating pain, discomfort and even activity restrictions related to very large breast size.

An example of the substantial results than can be obtained with breast reduction surgery is illustrated with the following patient of mine. This is a 29 year old woman who was experiencing severe neck, back and shoulder pains directly related to the enormous size of her breasts for which she wore 36G bras (photos A, C and E). They also prevented her from engaging in anything more than mild physical activities such as sports and aerobics.

A.) before - frontal view

B.) after breast reduction

C.) before - side view

D.) after breast reduction

E.) before - oblique view

F.) after breast reduction

Even at her relatively young age, she already had deep grooves of her shoulders from the bra straps digging into her skin (photo G).

G.) groove of right shoulder

Her decision to pursue breast reduction surgery was an easy one. The technique employed involved an anchor shaped incision where the nipple-areola complex was kept attached to the tissues but reduced in size and elevated to the appropriate position. Five pounds of breast tissue were removed during the procedure.

The results from her reduction mammoplasty are seen in photos B, D, and F and are quite dramatic. There has been total resolution or her neck, back and shoulder pains and is now able to participate in sports and engage in other very physical activities which she was unable to do for years. She is now wearing “C” or “D” bras rather than tent sized “G” bras and is no longer feels self conscious about her breasts. (In fact, she is quite proud of them right now.) As an added bonus, despite the substantial size of the reduction, she has retained some sensation of her nipples.

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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