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Effects of COVID-19 on Patient Care as of March 23, 2020

Due to the severity of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the potential risks to the health of our patients and staff, along with government mandates, as of March 23, 2020 office visits will be limited to patients with emergent and semi-emergent issues. This largely includes patients who are in need of immediate breast reconstruction as well as our patients who are in the early stages of their postoperative course.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to see any patients for an indefinite period of time seeking cosmetic breast surgery, breast reductions, top surgery or those who want revisions of previous breast reconstructions. However, you can call our office and we would be happy to take your name and number and contact you as soon as the quarantine restrictions are lifted so that you can schedule your consultation.

All elective breast surgery is prohibited as well. Only emergent and some semi-emergent breast procedures are allowed such as immediate breast reconstruction or breast infections with implants present requiring removal.

We would also like to announce that our updated patient appointment hours will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The office will be open Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

In response to this drastic situation, we will soon be offering “virtual consultations” whereby your consultation can be conducted, at least partially, online and you can avoid the risks of exposure to the coronavirus. This will have some restrictions on what procedures we can evaluate as well as specifics of certain solutions – like implant sizes and styles.

We will post here once this solution is up and running.

You are welcome to call our office at (480) 451-3000 or contact us by email for any questions that you may have, to put your name on a list to be scheduled for an in office consultation when available again or to be considered for a ”virtual consultation”.