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How Can Men Conceal Gynecomastia Surgical Scars?

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In order to undergo breast surgery, incisions must be made. The consequences of these incisions are scars.


And that is no matter how imperceptible they are.

A man showing off his before and after gynecomastia surgery results. Male breast surgery is a great way for men to feel confident again.Women generally have an easier time concealing these scars (at least from the public) because they are hidden by normal clothing and even many bathing suits. Unfortunately for men, hiding their scars can be harder since their chests are exposed when they are at the beach, pool, or gym.

Surgery for gynecomastia surgery is a male breast reduction procedure. Though this surgery is not nearly as readily discussed as female breast augmentation or breast reduction, it can be just as beneficial to the enhancement of a man’s confidence.

Gynecomastia is the development and presence of an abnormal amount of glandular tissue and/or fat in the male breast. There are numerous causes for its development ranging from genetics, hormone imbalance and obesity to therapeutic and illicit drugs. Fortunately, there are a variety of procedures that can provide excellent results for its treatment.

Where Will My Gynecomastia Surgery Incisions Be Located?

The goal of gynecomastia surgery is to provide a flat, masculine appearing chest and doing so with as little scarring as possible. This can be accomplished using very small incisions for liposuction or with lengthier ones that are employed for the direct removal of excess tissue that may even include skin.

Typically, the incisions for liposuction are around one-quarter to three-eighths an inch in length each. They can be situated along the lower part of the areola, near or along the breast crease or even in the armpit area. All these locations can help hide or camouflage the scar.

When breast tissue has to be removed directly, the most common approach employed is along the lower half of the areola, a location that can help hide the ultimate scar. If excess skin needs to be removed, then the incisions need to be far more extensive and the eventuating scars will be much more evident and difficult to fully hide.

A before and after comparison of a man after having gynecomastia surgery. Sometimes, only liposuction is needed to create dramatic results.

How Can I Minimize the Scars That Do Develop?

While the skill of the plastic surgeon can positively impact the probability of you ending up with an imperceptible or, at the very least, a reasonable scar, there are other modifiable factors that can affect the final result. Unfortunately, “bad” genetics is not one of them.

Some of the more important of these factors are:

It is important to realize that it can take up to a year or even longer to see what the final result will be. By maximizing your odds for proper healing, you can help minimize the detectability of the scars.

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