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Male Breast Reduction Scars

When a person decides to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve some aspect of his or her appearance, it is not uncommon to want to keep the situation private. A man who undergoes male breast reduction surgery to get rid of gynecomastia does not want prominent surgical scars that everyone will be able to see whenever he goes without a shirt. Thankfully, scarring after gynecomastia surgery is typically minimal to imperceptible particularly as performed by a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon.

Gynecomastia Before and After Photos

Surgical Techniques for Male Breast Reduction

The surgical technique chosen for your male breast reduction procedure will help determine the final results, including the degree of scarring you will have. This will depend on your type and severity of gynecomastia. For instance, if your gynecomastia is really pseudogynecomastia—where you have excess fat but not excess glandular tissue—then you will need only liposuction. If your gynecomastia is more severe, you will need to have excess breast tissue and possibly skin removed in addition to fat. Even though the latter option tends to have more scarring, patients who choose to undergo surgery feel that the resulting scars are well worth the correction of severe gynecomastia.

Scarring After Male Breast Reduction With UAL

Male breast reduction with ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) is an excellent and effective technique for the treatment of pseudogynecomastia. To perform this procedure, the surgeon places one or two small incisions (usually less than three-eighths of an inch) on each side. These incisions may be on the lower part of the areolas (the dark area of skin that surrounds each nipple), in the crease at the base of the breasts, or in the armpits. Through these incisions, a cannula is inserted and the excess fat is suctioned out to flatten the chest. Because the incisions are so small, scarring generally will be minimal to nonexistent.

Scarring After Male Breast Reduction With UAL and Direct Breast Tissue Excision

Male breast reduction using UAL along with direct breast tissue excision is commonly employed for many gynecomastia cases. This usually involves an incision placed along the lower half of the areola through which the excess fat is suctioned and the breast tissue is removed. These incisions typically blend in to the point that they are imperceptible.

Scarring After Male Breast Reduction With UAL, Direct Breast Tissue Excision and Skin Removal

Male breast reduction with UAL, breast tissue excision, and skin removal is reserved for the more severe cases of gynecomastia. This technique may be appropriate for men whose breasts are massively enlarged with a significant amount of excess skin, poor elasticity, and possibly even drooping. To remove enough skin and tissue, the surgeon will have to perform a more extensive procedure with lengthier incisions. These incisions will leave more noticeable scarring, but the patient will no longer suffer from severe gynecomastia and will achieve a flatter, more masculine, and more natural-looking contour.


Male breast reduction can eliminate gynecomastia and give you a more attractive and masculine chest. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Turkeltaub, call (480) 451-3000 or contact us online today.