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3 Ways to Rewind the Clock on Sagging Breasts

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Losing a significant amount of weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the combination of time and gravity can cause your once perky breasts to sag. Fortunately, you have several options to restore their youthful position and shape.

Before and after breast lift results, side by side.

Depending on your unique issue(s), breast enhancement surgery can increase size, reduce size, reshape and lift your breasts — as determined by your personal aesthetic goals.

Addressing Your Unique Breast Concerns

Breast concerns are not limited to sagging and can include a variety of unwanted changes. 

Below, you can find the three most common breast complaints caused by weight loss, pregnancy or age. 

1. Misshapen or Deflated Breasts

Breasts can shrink or become misshapen over time, especially after pregnancy, nursing and weight loss. 

Electing to have breast implants will provide volume and give you more control over the size and shape of your breasts. However, they will not provide a lift on their own.

2. Droopy Breasts

Elongated or stretched-out breasts, often with nipples pointing downward, are in need of reshaping and repositioning through a breast lift, with or without breast implants.

3. Large, Sagging Breasts

If you started with large breasts and weight loss, pregnancy or age has caused them to sag, you have three options:

  1. A breast lift – If you want your breasts lifted and reshaped while still maintaining most of their current volume, a breast lift can do the trick.
  2. A breast reduction – If you want to decrease your breasts’ size and return them to a younger-looking position, this procedure typically includes a breast lift and can reduce or eliminate some of the problems that accompany overly large breasts.
  3. Breast augmentation with a lift – If your once large breasts are sagging and have lost volume over the years, you can recapture their original size (or more) and position by choosing a breast augmentation with a lift. 

Other Benefits of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Weight gain (and loss after pregnancy) can cause other unwanted breast changes including asymmetry, stretch marks, reduced elasticity and a widening of the space between breasts. 

Breast surgery is a highly customizable procedure and can address each breast independently in the case of asymmetry. 

Because excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened, breast lift or reduction surgery can improve the appearance of the stretch marks on your breasts. 

Breast augmentation adds volume and can decrease the amount of space between breasts if this area has widened over time or after pregnancy.  

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