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Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Says Successful Breast Augmentation Relies on Quality Consultation

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Doctor-Patient Communication is Essential for Successful Results Says Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

At his center for plastic surgery in Scottsdale, Dr. Steven Turkeltaub says initial consultations with one’s surgeon can have a profound impact on the quality of results they can achieve as well as overall patient comfort. Dr. Turkeltaub offers tips for finding a practice dedicated to patient satisfaction as well as how to increase the effectiveness of doctor-patient consultations.

Dr. Steven Turkeltaub, a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, says with an improvement in the economy on the optimistic horizon, there should be a significant increase in the number of plastic surgery procedures being performed. He adds that some of this will be related to pent up demand from patients who have long desired to have cosmetic surgery, but couldn’t afford it due to the dire and protracted economic issues that have plagued the US for several years.

As patients pursue plastic surgery, Dr. Turkeltaub says they need to consult with a surgeon who has the proper training, qualifications, and passion for excellence in patient care. He states that this can be quite difficult to discern given deceptive advertising, marketing and even information imparted by less than forthright physicians. “When seeking the right surgeon, a patient should start by making sure their doctor is a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many less-than-scrupulous physicians will deceptively claim that they are ‘board certified,’ but it either is not an officially recognized board or one in an area that is not plastic surgery.”

The importance of the initial consultation cannot be overstated, according to Dr. Turkeltaub. Patients can enhance the value and experience of their consultation by some preparation beforehand. He states that specifically identifying one’s cosmetic goals for a procedure such as for breast augmentation and the use of breast implants in Scottsdale prior to the consultation helps the plastic surgeon and the patient in the decision-making process and in selecting the best course of action.

Dr. Turkeltaub also adds that preparing a list of important questions or concerns can help patients feel more comfortable about the procedure(s) that they are considering as well as relieve the expected anxiety and indecisiveness. “I thoroughly discuss the contemplated procedure or procedures in detail including the surgery itself, the postoperative course, expectations, and risks and complications. Usually, I cover everything that most patients would normally ask so that few have any additional questions. This further creates a greater sense of comfort, trust, and understanding.”

For example, Dr. Turkeltaub offers some typical questions patients must address when considering breast augmentation: How can I be sure that I will be the size that I want to be? How painful is the procedure? How long is the recovery period? How long do the breast implants last? Are they durable? Do they have to be changed every 10 years? Do I have any long-term limitations? He adds that it is imperative for patients to be knowledgeable and informed regarding both their implants and breast enlargement in general so that they feel much more comfortable when making their decisions.

Whether they are seeking a non-invasive enhancement like BOTOX® Cosmetic or a surgical procedure such as breast augmentation in Scottsdale, Dr. Turkeltaub says patients should be sure to choose a plastic surgeon and associated office staff that are respectful, courteous, empathetic and willing to spend the necessary time with them. “Researching a practice and plastic surgeon ahead of the consultation and procedure will increase the likelihood of an overall better experience both during and after the surgery.”

About Steven H. Turkeltaub, MD, PC

Following graduation from the Six-Year Medical Program at Boston University and Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Steven Turkeltaub completed a post-graduate training residency in general surgery at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago. He also trained during a plastic surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, where he held an academic appointment as Clinical Instructor and Attending Physician in Plastic and reconstructive Surgery. Having authored several papers and textbook chapters on plastic surgery, Dr. Turkeltaub is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Arizona Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the Arizona Medical Associations, and several other professional organizations. He regularly attends national symposiums and meetings each year to keep up-to-date on the latest in plastic surgery techniques and technology.

Dr. Turkeltaub’s practice, The Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, has two locations at 10290 N. 92nd St., Suite 207 in Scottsdale, AZ and 18275 N. 59th Ave. Bldg. E Suite 126 in Glendale, AZ, reachable at (480) 451-3000. He can also be contacted online via the website www.arizonabreast.com, www.turkeltaub.com, or facebook.com/drturkeltaub.