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Are Smaller Breasts “In”?

There has been a significant trend over the last many years where women are opting for smaller breast enlargements and even more natural-looking breasts. This is a noticeable contrast to the preferences of 20 to 30 or more years ago.

Yes, there are those women who want to be very large and less natural looking but they are a smaller percentage of those women who are seeking a breast augmentation.

If you are considering downsizing your natural breasts or seeking a smaller breast enlargement, you absolutely have plenty of options from which to choose.

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What Are My Smaller Breast Options?

The choice comes down to two paths: smaller and more “natural” breast augmentation or surgical reduction of either disproportionately large natural breasts or of a prior large breast augmentation. Here is a breakdown of these options.

The “Natural” Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is about more than just size—there is projection, width and implant type to consider. If you want a more subtle, natural-looking breast enlargement that primarily enhances your anatomy, you have numerous implant possibilities that can be considered. Your board-certified plastic surgeon should discuss these with you.

Patients often opt for silicone breast implants for their more natural look, feel, support and durability as compared to saline breast implants. One minor advantage of saline implants is that the implant shell is filled after insertion into the breast pocket, allowing for a smaller incision.

If you have a petite frame with a slender chest wall and shoulders, your surgeon may suggest an implant with a higher profile. Higher profile implants have a smaller base with greater projection for a given volume, allowing for more projection with a lesser effect on breast width.

Many women who desire a natural-looking breast augmentation benefit from implants that enhance the shape and position of the breasts rather than simply augment the size.

Downsizing Prior Implants

If you currently have breast implants but are seeking a different look, then breast revision surgery should be considered. Women choose to change their breast implants for a variety of reasons—the implants are old, there is an issue such as a leak or capsular contracture, or the implant size no longer fits their aesthetic or lifestyle. Many women choose larger, more dramatic breast implants early on in life and then later on decide that this no longer serves their desired appearance.

Breast implant revision allows your surgeon to remove the old implants and replace them with implants more suited to your current aesthetic and overall comfort.

Removing Implants

Some women, for a variety of reasons, decide that they either no longer want or need breast implants. Perhaps they do not want to have to go through another replacement procedure later on or don’t want to potentially have to deal with the associated costs. Others have had their natural breasts enlarge over the years, so they no longer need their implants. In such situations, they may choose to remove their implants altogether—a procedure known as explantation or breast implant removal.

Depending on your skin quality and laxity, you may wish to combine your explantation with a breast lift. A breast lift does not add volume, but it will remove excess skin that may be sagging due to the weight of heavy implants or aging. It will restore your breast projection to a more desirable, rejuvenated appearance, though there may be limitations in the absence of the breast implants.

Breast Reduction Surgery

For women with naturally large breasts, breast reduction surgery can literally be a lifesaver. Overly large breasts can cause stress and pain in your neck, back and shoulders; headaches; fatigue; adversely impact sleeping and limit or impair many physical activities, including sports. They can also make it very difficult to find comfortable, complimentary fitting clothing.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin and breast tissue, lifts the breasts to a more normal position on the chest wall and creates a more rejuvenated, appealing and symmetrical appearance.

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