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Beauty Secrets for Better Appearing Breasts: Insights from Boobology

Do you want to know some of the secrets of making your breasts look as youthful and attractive as possible?

Of course you do!

We’re not talking here about surgical procedures that enlarge, lift or reduce the size of your breasts like breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction surgery. These are very effective procedures that can definitely have a great impact on their size, shape and allure but involve surgery and are performed on what is already there. Instead, based on your genetic code for breast size, quality, shape, etc., there are actually actions that you can take and other ones that you should avoid in order to keep your breasts looking as youthful and attractive as possible.

And there is no charge!

Or scars!

What are these breast beauty “secrets” and how were they discovered? (Surely not by reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine!)

The appearance of one’s breasts are affected both by genetic as well as environmental factors, the latter which includes actions or habits on your part. By controlling the genetic factor in a study, the effects of other factors can be better assessed.

How can this be precisely done?

By using identical twins and then evaluating other variables.

A study was performed through the Dept. of Plastic Surgery at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland that consisted of 161 pairs of identical female twins with an average age of 47 years. It analyzed numerous independent external factors such as pregnancy, breast feeding, smoking and alcohol consumption and assessed their impact on breast quality and beauty based on several precise parameters. The data was then rigorously and statistically analyzed in order to determine the scientific significance of the findings.

So what were their findings (translated to beauty secrets for the breasts)?

Factors that had an adverse impact on the appearance of the breasts included multiple pregnancies, higher weight (BMI), cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, sun exposure and larger cup and bra size. Skin quality was universally affected by all of these factors. It was interesting that of the 16 parameters used to assess the breast quality, cigarette smoking negatively impacted 8 of them.

One more factor that I can add to this list which wasn’t mentioned in the study is exposure of the breasts in tanning beds. Over the years, I have seen numerous women, including many still in their twenties, who have sustained significant damage and premature aging of their breast skin through multiple exposures to tanning beds.

On the positive side, it was found that daily moisturizing of the skin of the breasts resulted in less wrinkled, more youthful appearing skin. Hormone replacement therapy after menopause was associated with more attractive breast shape, size, projection and areola size and shape. Surprisingly, it was also discovered that breast feeding resulted in better appearing breast skin than those who were pregnant but did not breast feed.

So, if you want your breasts to remain youthful and as attractive looking as possible, avoid becoming overweight, don’t smoke, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and don’t sunbathe or tan in tanning booths topless.
And find that hunk or significant other who would surely enjoy applying moisturizers to your breasts on a daily basis. (This may just be the easiest one to do!)

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona