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Dr. Turkeltaub Patient Discusses Her Breast Augmentation Experiences

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure being performed today and for very good reasons (which I won’t delve into here). Related to this is the finding that an astounding 94% of women who have undergone this procedure would make the same decision to pursue breast enlargement surgery if they had to do it all over again. Looking at this from another perspective, there are few things in life that 94% of women can agree on (well, maybe unless it has to do with some complaints regarding men in general!).

There is considerable disagreement, however, on the amount of discomfort that is experienced immediately following a breast augmentation where the breast implants are placed behind the muscle. Many women are under the impression that there is necessarily a considerable amount of pain for several days following the surgery. They might have heard this from some of their friends or even read about it online. This can create anxiety prior to surgery or even cause some women to abandon their pursuit of a breast enlargement.

How true is this?

Should you expect to be in a considerable amount of pain for days after your surgery?

For most women, when the breast augmentation surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon employing the most advanced and meticulous plastic surgery techniques, the immediate postoperative course can be surprisingly tolerable with mild, fairly easily manageable discomfort. Of course and unfortunately, this is not true in every situation.

In the pursuit of seeking the ideal ways to minimize immediate postoperative discomfort following a breast augmentation, my techniques and approaches have evolved considerably over my 25 years in practice here in Scottsdale and the Phoenix metropolitan area. The result is that it is not very common for my patients to complain about greater than mild to moderate pain that can’t be controlled with analgesics and muscle relaxants. Unfortunately, there are many plastic surgeons and other physicians performing breast augmentations who are not very mindful of the ways to make the postoperative course far more pleasant and tolerable.

The following is a video of a recent patient of mine who wanted to share with others her experiences and perspectives following her breast augmentation surgery.

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