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Breast Augmentation and Cleavage

Cleavage, the area between a woman’s breasts, is often seen as a sign of attractiveness or sexiness. Women with little or no cleavage may turn to breast augmentation to enhance their cleavage. However, whether or not breast implants can enhance cleavage is not an easy question to answer. The following questions will discuss how breast augmentation and a woman’s anatomy can affect her cleavage.

How Does a Woman’s Anatomy Affect Her Cleavage?

The amount of cleavage a woman has is primarily determined by her anatomy. While larger breasts may be more likely to have more cleavage, the critical factor is the natural placement of the pectoral muscles on the sternum. Small breasts that are situated close together due to the placement of the chest muscles may have pronounced cleavage. On the other hand, large breasts that are wide-set could have little to no cleavage. The shape and diameter of your breasts as well as the size of your chest wall may make it more or less feasible to improve cleavage with breast augmentation.

Can a Woman’s Anatomy Be Changed to Enhance Cleavage?

To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results, it is recommended that surgeons avoid significant alterations to a patient’s chest anatomy. Breast implants will look more natural and beautiful if they are used to enhance the woman’s natural anatomy. Attempting to surgically alter the chest muscle to attempt to improve cleavage can lead to unsightly deformities such as the “uni-boob” which is extremely difficult AND expensive to correct. Furthermore, it can create an aesthetic disaster that will be far worse than the initial lack of cleavage.

For women with average chest wall sizes and normal breast placement, breast implants may be able to enhance cleavage.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

How Can Breast Augmentation Enhance Cleavage?

Women with thin breast tissue, a wide chest, and wide-set breasts will be highly unlikely to achieve desirable cleavage. Attempts to obtain it in such situations can lead to undesirable outcomes such as such as breast implant rippling, nipple-areola malposition, bizarre shapes and proportions, and tastelessly disproportionate enlargements.

For women with an average chest wall size, there is a good chance that breast augmentation can enhance their cleavage when precise anatomical measurements are taken and wise decisions are made. The appropriate implant for each unique situation can help facilitate this outcome whether it means a noticeably larger or wider implant or even a higher profile one. The breast implant type, size, its placement and the surgical technique should all be carefully chosen with the assistance of an expert plastic surgeon.

While breast implants may be able to enhance cleavage, again it must be understood that a woman’s cleavage is largely determined by the anatomy of her breasts, chest muscles, and chest wall. Implants should be carefully selected based on one’s particular anatomy in conjunction with one’s desires and goals. With the assistance of highly skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub, your experience with breast augmentation can significantly enhance the appearance of your breasts.

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