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Breast Augmentation and “Natural” Looking Breasts

“Natural” looking breasts.

Over the years, many thousands of women have seen me in consultation for their breast augmentation. When sharing their goals to me, a majority of them invariably requested that they wanted their breasts to look “natural”. Then they proceeded to describe these desired outcomes that were in reality not so very “natural”. What might be “natural” to one woman would not be very satisfactory to another who was also looking for that “natural” result. Furthermore, many women just use the term but haven’t really thought about what it means to them except that it doesn’t include obscenely big.

What are natural looking breasts?

Are they a so called “C” cup or a “D” cup? Or even a “B” cup for the very petite? And which company’s bra will be the standard to make that determination?

Are they somewhat round, broad and with moderate projection? Or are they more projecting and less wide?

Is a tear drop shaped breast more natural or more desirable than a smooth and round one?

I could go on but you get the gist. Though it may give some people the warm and fuzzies, the use of “natural” together with breast implants and breast augmentation is not a very useful, descriptive or precise term. The one thing that it does convey is that the woman does not want to be grotesquely large (whatever size that may be!).

“Natural”, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. When you are seeking to have a breast augmentation, know exactly what it is that you want and if you still insist on using the term “natural”, explain to your plastic surgeon exactly what that means to you. This includes such considerations as relative cup size, proportionality, cleavage, roundness, fullness, etc. Providing some photos showing women both in more revealing clothes and naked can be helpful to convey your thoughts.

If you don’t express exactly what it is that you want from your breast augmentation, there is a greater chance that you might not be entirely satisfied with the outcome.

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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