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Breast Revision Surgery to Change Implant Size

Choosing the best implant size for your breast augmentation is often more challenging and confusing than deciding to undergo surgery in the first place. Women know that they want to go larger but deciding how much is the part that can be difficult because they are not truly sure as to what exactly they want. While selecting photos of the look you desire and “trying on” implants can help assist you with this decision, these approaches are not an exact science, especially when you can’t exactly figure out what it is that you desire.

Fortunately, if you have undergone breast augmentation surgery and have at some point decided that the implant size is not exactly what you want—it is not the end of the world. You can always undergo breast revision surgery. This allows you the ability to change your implant size (either larger or smaller) and even style (such as profile) to meet your present preferences.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Going Larger

Most commonly, women who undergo revision surgery choose to increase their implant size. Some patients initially understated the amount of enlargement that they truly desired, whereas others not only got used to their new “norm” but then decided that bigger would even be better. Regardless, the second surgery is usually far easier than the initial one. In fact, many patients take little to no pain medication following surgery.

Going Smaller

While reducing one’s implant size is not as common as the desire to get larger implants, it is actually more commonly sought out today than it was in the past and for a variety of reasons, including changes in societal tastes. What had been the norm twenty years ago might be too large, or too over the top now. Significant weight gain could have caused one’s breasts to become far larger than desired. Lifestyle changes or just wanting to look more subtle as one gets older are some other reasons.

Whatever the reason, larger implants can be exchanged for smaller ones, though in some situations, a breast lift may need to be performed as well depending on the extent of size reduction and elasticity of the skin.

Of course, if at all possible, it is best to at least get the implant size (and style) right for your initial procedure. One can’t necessarily control changes in weight, taste, or style long term. Fortunately, breast revision surgery is generally quite safe and usually much easier than the initial procedure.

So, if you feel that the size change will make you even happier at this point in time…

Go for it!