Breast Surgery Can Restore Breast Symmetry

It would be ideal if a woman’s breasts were completely symmetrical in size, shape, and overall appearance but in reality, most have varying degrees of breast asymmetry. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, and/or breast lift surgery can be designed to reduce some of the breast asymmetry and give one’s body a more desirable appearance.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Characteristics and Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is characterized by measurable and visual differences in breast shape, size, position, firmness, and appearance as well as of the positions of the nipples/areolas. Most of the time, in fact, there are differences between the two sides that can be clearly seen when looking for them. It is rare to have virtual symmetry of one’s breasts.

Women with severe breast asymmetry may avoid wearing many types of clothes including swimsuits and engaging in certain types of physical activities. Due to embarrassment, their sex life may also be severely impacted or non-existent.

In most cases, breast asymmetry has a biological or genetic cause that could be related to hormonal changes during puberty, differences in the rate of breast development, skeletal deformities, fibroadenomas, cysts, lumps, or other medical conditions. Increased asymmetries can also be caused by factors in breast surgery including surgical complications. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Turkeltaub is often asked to correct breast asymmetry by performing one or more of the following breast procedures.

Breast Surgeries Can Offer a Solution

  • Breast Augmentation: When the breasts are of substantially different sizes and one desires to be larger, breast augmentation can be an excellent solution. The insertion of a single implant into the smaller breast or different sized implants into both breasts can help to achieve more symmetry of size and even of shape and feel. Fat injections can also be used an adjunct to further fine tune the results.
  • Breast Reduction: When one breast is undesirably larger than the other which is of a “normal” size, a unilateral breast reduction can be performed in to reduce the disparity in size between the sides. This can also involve reducing the size of the areola of the larger breast if it is noticeably larger than the smaller side. If both breasts are abnormally enlarged and need to be reduced in size, a bilateral breast reduction could be performed with the removal of more tissue from the larger side.
  • Breast Lift: A breast lift can aid in obtaining greater breast symmetry by correcting the position, appearance, nipple/areola position and firmness of the breasts, especially if one breast is sagging or sagging more than the other side. This procedure involves removing excess skin and repositioning and reshaping the breasts and areolas to create a more desirable and symmetrical breast shape, position, and appearance.
  • Combined Breast Procedures: It is not uncommon that more than one type of breast procedure is needed to be performed at the same type to provide one with greater breast symmetry. This might involve a breast augmentation on one or both sides and a unilateral lift or even a reduction on one side and an augmentation or mastopexy on the other.

Noticeable breast asymmetries can cause psychological and emotional discomfort. Restoration of breast symmetry through one or more of the above procedures can improve your self-image and self-confidence. 

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