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How Important Is Proportion?

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Plastic surgeons often stress the importance of proportion when discussing the ideal breast size. But what exactly does that mean?

Proportionate breasts mean that your breasts do not overwhelm the general shape of your body nor do they underwhelm the “desired” curvatures. Of course, this is completely subjective.

Furthermore, aesthetic tastes and ideals can and do change over time. What the norm was in sought after sizes in the 1990’s are considered today, especially by Millennials, to be far too large – and worse.

 Maintaining body proportions is essential during breast augmentation.

Maintaining body proportions is essential during breast augmentation.

Can Your Implants Be Too Big?

It used to be that women would go into their breast augmentation consultations with the idea that much bigger is better. That’s not very common anymore. However, even though the “Pamela Anderson boobs” are no longer in style, some women are still interested in pushing the size boundary.

Unfortunately, it is possible to choose an implant that is too big for your body. This choice will affect you aesthetically and maybe even comfort-wise. While it can be frustrating when your surgeon suggests a size other than what you may have seen or wanted for yourself, they are usually recommending it for specific reasons and for your benefit.

Who Is More at Risk for Overly Large Implants?

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s). While it is possible for any woman to choose an implant that would be overwhelming large for her figure, smaller chested and petite women are clearly more at risk for a variety of reasons. To a lesser extent, so are those women who have virtually no breast tissue and thin skin, possibly with decreased skin elasticity. In these situations, the implant may virtually “show” through the skin and be associated with distortions, acceleration of breast sagging and further thinning of the skin.

What If My Breasts Are Naturally Large?

Natural, disproportionately large breasts are quite often a curse to the women who have them. They may be associated with neck, back and shoulder pain, postural changes, difficulty and discomfort trying to/ engaging in a variety of physical activities, problems finding bras and clothes which fit, unwanted attention and taunting.

Before and after image showing the results of a breast reduction on a woman performed in Scottsdale, AZ.

Fortunately, a breast reduction can predictably and effectively treat this problem with aesthetic results which can be quite spectacular. Those women who have undergone a breast reduction are among the happiest and most appreciative of all plastic surgery patients. In fact, many of these women have stated that had they known that the results would be so life changing, they would have had this surgery years ago.

Can Your Breast Implants Be Too Small?

Your breast augmentation is a highly personalized decision based on your motivations, goals and aesthetics. Just like your implants can be too large for your proportion, they can also be too small.

If you believe that your present implants are not providing you with the look that you want, a breast implant exchange can be pursued, using larger implants of a more appropriate configuration for your body in order to help you realize that desired breast appearance and body proportion.

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