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About Your Bra

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Some women love them.

Others hate them like the plague.

Whether you are the kind of woman who embraces your bra or the type who cannot wait to rip the bra off as soon as you get home, there is no denying the importance of a bra when it comes to comfort, support, and maintaining breast youthfulness.

And, unfortunately, the larger your breasts are, the more you need to rely on the support of one.

Why Do I Need a Bra?

Bras can be uncomfortable and can feel constricting. The straps can slip off of your shoulders, and the underwires can poke through the fabric and dig into your skin. While these annoyances are undesirable, they are generally not good enough reasons to avoid wearing one.

Bras are a woman’s best friend after a breast augmentation, breast lift, or a breast reduction. A well-fitting one will help maintain your surgical results longer by providing support and reducing the effects of gravity that can cause them to sag prematurely and more significantly.

What Kind of Bra Do I Need?

Every woman should have a few different types of bras that will allow her to wear one for virtually every occasion. While underwire bras provide physical support and aesthetic lift, they are not ideal for many other situations.

A good sports bra is essential for most women when participating in physical activity. These bras minimize bounce while providing support and comfort.

What Do I Need in a Bra?

How Do I Find a Properly Fitting Bra?

Finding a properly fitting bra is important for you and your breasts. One that is uncomfortable or irritating can make your life less than pleasant. If it doesn’t provide appropriate support and immobilization, your breasts may be more active in public than desired and sag quicker than otherwise would occur.

Though you may be lucky and have little issue in finding a comfortable, supportive, and maybe even attractive bra, not infrequently it can be a deeply traumatic process. Though there are some highly knowledgeable employees working at lingerie and department stores that can be very helpful to you in the bra selection process, it is far more likely that they are less than useful.

And then there are the self-acclaimed bra fitting experts.


Okay, some may actually be helpful, but we have seen countless patients over the years who sought the help of one of these experts only to be sized incorrectly and sold a poorly fitting and generally inappropriate bra.

For many women, it may be that you will have to try on several brands and styles from various stores and even online sites before you find one that is ideal for you. Realize, though, that one company’s “C” cup may be another company’s “D” or even “B” cup and that a “38C” at one company fits similar to another company’s “36D” or even “36C”.

What Is More Important: Band Size or Cup Size?

While many women consider the cup to be the most important part of a bra—since it is what covers the breast—it is actually the band that is doing the heavy lifting (pun intended).

The band supports and holds up the breasts. With a properly fitting band size, you should be able to remove your bra straps and not notice much difference in the placement of the bra.

When Should I Replace My Bra?

All bras will eventually stretch out, no matter how well you care for them. Over time, they will stretch out and ultimately not provide the needed support for your breasts and comfort for you. They also may look pretty bad and highly unattractive.

Either way, go out and get yourself a new bra.

Before and after image showing the results of a breast augmentation performed in Scottsdale, AZ.

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