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How Should You Care for Your Breast Implants After Surgery?

Breast Implant Before and After ProceduresHaving undergone a breast enlargement is a dream come true for many women. For the vast majority of them, the results are so overwhelmingly positive both physically and mentally. This is exactly why this procedure has ranked at the top of all cosmetic surgery procedures performed.

It is important to remember that the long-term results for your breast augmentation are affected not just by the surgical procedure itself but also by the aftercare—immediately in the postoperative period as well as later on. Following your plastic surgeon’s recovery guidelines is critical in helping you minimize the risk of experiencing complications and untoward outcomes as well as facilitating a shorter healing period. Dr. Turkeltaub provides his patients with explicit and comprehensive guidelines and appropriate information for the postoperative period and longer term.

Take It Easy Right After Surgery

Initially following your surgery, there needs to be some modifications of activities to help facilitate positive, long lasting, and desirable results. For example, you should avoid driving for at least a few days and definitely not while you are using narcotic pain medication. Returning to school or work that does not involve manual labor or heavy lifting can even be in as little as four to five days. Certain labor intensive jobs or those requiring repetitive upper extremity and body movements (i.e. hairdresser, waitress) will require additional time off from work.

Heavy lifting, straining, working out, sports, running and yoga are some of the activities that must be avoided for three to four weeks after surgery though there are a few (i.e. pec. and lat. exercises) that should be avoided for around eight weeks.

Support Your Implants

For women who have turned to breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts, the importance of a good, supportive bra might seem relatively new. During the first two to three days of your recovery, you’ll wear a compression garment that reduces swelling and aids in the healing process. A supportive sports bra is then worn around the clock for at least one week.

Once your breasts have healed you can return to a regular (non-surgical) bra. However, it is still essential that you choose bras that give you adequate support. Any implants, no matter how small, will add weight to your chest, and this weight, if not cared for properly, can result in premature sagging and aging. Finding and wearing quality supportive bras will not only provide comfort but will keep your enhanced breasts looking great for years to come.

Perform Routine Breast Compression

Post-augmentation breast implant “compression” is generally recommended for most patients in order to help keep their breast looking and feeling soft and natural. The purpose of these massages is to help prevent the development of excess scar tissue forming around the implant (known as capsular contracture). Typically, these will be started within several days to one week of surgery. Explicit instructions will be provided as to the technique, frequency, and duration of them.

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