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How Are Inverted Nipples Treated?

Inverted Nipple Before and After PhotosAlthough “harmless” to one’s health, the presence of inverted nipples is often quite bothersome and impactful to a woman’s self-esteem and even sense of femininity. It frequently is a source of embarrassment and can adversely impact relationships during dating and even later on. Fortunately, this issue can be easily and successfully corrected.

What Are Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipples are nipples that are either flat or indented into areolar tissue as opposed to projecting outward as normal ones do. Typically noted to be present at the time of puberty, they do not cause any associated physical pain or other symptoms. They can, however, make it difficult or even impossible to breastfeed later on if this is a consideration.

What Causes Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipples are caused by the presence of shortened milk ducts and ligaments that serve as a significant restraint on the nipple when the overall breast is growing, preventing it from projecting above the surrounding areola and breast. Though this condition is generally congenital in nature, it usually doesn’t become evident until puberty.

Other less common causes for inverted nipples are trauma and breast cancer. If you develop inverted nipples later in life, you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately to ensure that there is no dangerous underlying cause.

How Is This Treated?

Treatment for inverted nipples is straightforward, relatively painless, and associated with minimal downtime (patients can generally return to work or school the same or following day). Dr. Turkeltaub performs this procedure in the office using just local anesthesia. It involves making a very tiny incision through which the shortened milk ducts and ligaments are completely divided, allowing the nipple to project outwards. Temporary sutures are then placed to provide support for this position.

Certain minimal precautions are taken for around six to eight weeks, which help to maximize the permanent success of the procedure. When these are followed appropriately, it is extremely rare for a recurrence to occur.

This safe and effective treatment of your inverted nipples can alleviate your embarrassment and help restore your self-confidence.


If you are seeking to correct your inverted nipples, it is important to remember that you are not alone and that treatment is available. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Turkeltaub, call the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at 480-451-3000.