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Breast Reduction or Weight Loss?

Breast Reduction Before and After PhotosAlthough breast augmentation is still the top plastic surgery procedure, breast reduction is absolutely number one when it comes to patient satisfaction. This is due to the truly rewarding results that patients experience after having to deal with a multitude of painful and problematic issues related to the markedly enlarged breasts.

While many women desire larger breasts and are overwhelmingly happy with the results of their breast augmentations, there are many on the opposite end of the spectrum that have had to deal with the negative aspects of being endowed with overly large breasts. These women clearly understand that having a fuller chest is not always beneficial and, instead, comes with a multitude of issues such as back, shoulder, and chest pain, skin irritations, inability to perform exercises or participate in sports, and difficulty finding clothing that will fit properly.

Overly large breasts bring both physical and emotional distress, and it is for this reason many women desire to part ways with a portion of their cleavage.

While the decision to go down in size can be an easy one, the path to achieving it can become complicated. Do I need reduction surgery? What surgery technique is best? Will losing weight alone fix this issue? If so, how will weight loss affect the appearance of the breasts?

If you are asking yourself these questions, then you are on your way to ultimately making this a reality.

What Can Breast Reduction Surgery Accomplish?

The first step in choosing the right path to breast surgery is to understand exactly what the procedure is designed to do. Breast reduction surgery removes significant amounts of excess breast tissue, fat and stretched out, over-abundant skin along with contouring and the elevation of the remaining tissue and skin. The surgery leads to smaller, lighter, lifted, contoured and more aesthetically pleasing breasts with markedly reduced or completely eliminated untoward symptoms.

Is Breast Tissue or Breast Fat the Cause of the Over-Enlargement?

Women’s breasts consist of varying proportions of breast (glandular) tissue and fat. Young, thin women typically have a higher percentage of glandular tissue versus fat whereas older women and those who are overweight have a much greater percentage of fat. The absolute amount of each additively can result in very large and symptomatic breasts for which a breast reduction is needed.

How Will Weight Loss Affect the Size and Appearance of Your Breasts?

If you are overweight, weight loss can have an impact on both the size and appearance of your breasts. Those with a greater percentage of fat will see more noticeable results with substantial weight loss compared to those (normal weight) women whose breasts are largely glandular.

However, will the reduction in breast size with weight loss eliminate the need for a breast reduction?

For those women with disproportionately large breasts associated with a variety of symptoms, most of the time weight loss will not reduce them enough to negate the need for a reduction. Your breasts are smaller but so are you so usually the disproportion continues to exist along with even droopier breasts.

Not exactly what you had been hoping for!

Ultimately, in order to correct the persistent disproportion of your breast size and make them perkier, firmer and more attractive, a breast reduction will be needed. Fortunately, the results from this surgery can be remarkable and life changing.

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