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Should Athletes and Dancers Get Breast Implants? 3 Things to Consider

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Under most circumstances, female athletes (including dancers) can have a breast augmentation. However, there are several important things to consider when making that decision. 

Like most women, female athletes want to be confident and happy with their appearance and may be interested in enhancing their breasts with implants. Both professional and amateur athletes need to understand the procedure and how the breast implants will affect their performance. 

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If you are an athlete or dancer thinking about getting breast implants, here are three important facts to know about breast augmentation.

#1. Choosing the Right Implant Size  

Large breast implants can alter the motion, agility and balance of your upper body, in specific, and body, in general. You can minimize or prevent any significant impact by focusing on enhancing the shape of your breasts with a more subtle size increase. This option will help ensure that you can continue to grow and compete as an athlete while “sporting” a new curvier version of yourself that doesn’t impede your performance.

Be sure to discuss your athletic activities with the doctor when deciding on the size of your implants.

#2. Choosing the Appropriate Implant Placement 

Breast implants can be placed behind the breast glands (subglandular or submammary) or under the chest muscle (submuscular or subpectoral). When placed under the muscle, the results offer greater protection and support for the implant when doing aerobics like running or dancing. This placement technique also tends to look more natural, even more so in leaner patients — the majority of athletes. 

However, women who do a lot of heavy weightlifting, such as bodybuilders, can find that the submuscular placement will distort the implants when lifting. For this reason, many bodybuilders who undergo breast augmentation choose to place their implants above the muscle.

While it’s a personal choice that is based on your preferences and goals, your plastic surgeon will help you decide what’s right for you.

#3 Choosing the Right Implant Type 

Implant choice options have grown extensively over the years. They are more safe, durable and generally more natural looking. Silicone implants do provide results that are superior to the saline ones in many ways. This difference is even greater in those individuals who are leaner — like many athletes and dancers. 

Cohesive silicone gel implants provide an excellent, more natural-looking option for all women seeking breast enhancement surgery. Some of their benefits include:

In the end, breast enhancement surgery is a personal experience and the choices involved should take into consideration all your needs and goals in order to help you obtain your desired results. 

A critical component of this is selecting the plastic surgeon who is right for you.

At the Arizona Center for Breast Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub focuses on surgical procedures that address breast-related issues to improve each of his patient’s quality of life and confidence. In addition to spending time with his patients, he absolutely seeks out their individual desires and goals in order to help them obtain their best possible results. 

It is no surprise that Dr. Steven Turkeltaub has also been selected as one of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.”

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