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Born With Congenital Breast Defects? There Are Surgical Solutions to Meet Your Needs

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If you were born with unique breasts, you are not alone. Congenital breast defects are not uncommon and can usually be corrected with appropriate plastic surgical procedures.

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What Are Your Options to Correct Congenital Breast Defects?

Breast enhancement surgery can treat many congenital issues, including the following:

This may be accomplished using several cosmetic techniques, such as implant placement (breast augmentation) or breast reduction (to remove unwanted glandular tissues). Additional surgical techniques may be required to correct your specific issues. 

Breast reconstruction surgery may be required when breast enhancement alone cannot fully correct a breast anomaly. This surgery is typically used for mastectomy patients or those who have suffered an injury to their breast.

Some other conditions that might require breast reconstruction include:

Usually, when we think of removing a breast, we think of mastectomy to remove breast cancer. 

However, polymastia or an accessory breast, also known as supernumerary breasts, means having one or more additional breasts. This is most common in males. 

These extra breasts may or may not have nipples (areolae) and are typically removed by complete excision.

Supernumerary nipple (the presence of one or more extra nipples) is very common and easily addressed with simple skin excision.

Will Breast Surgery for Congenital Breast Defects Leave Scars?

There will always be a scar left after surgery, the extent of which will be determined by the specific procedure. For example, removal of a supernumerary nipple will just leave a linear scar that may only be one to three centimeters and blend in well with the surrounding skin.

You Deserve to Be Happy With Your Body

Don’t let overly small or otherwise imperfect breasts hold you back from living life to the fullest. If your congenital breast defects concern you and negatively affect your self-esteem or confidence, look more into these corrective procedures by booking a consultation with a well-respected breast specialist.

Want to Learn More About Correcting Your Unique Breast Issues?

Dr. Steven Turkeltaub is a compassionate and experienced breast specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you or a loved one was born with congenital disorders of the breast, and are in the Phoenix area, contact our plastic surgery practice today!

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