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The Best Bra for After Breast Surgery

Breast surgery, whether it is an augmentation, reduction, lift, revision, or reconstruction, usually results in improved self-esteem and quality of life. However, as with all surgeries, a period of recovery is needed to allow for desirable healing. After the procedure, the breasts will be bandaged, and it is important that they have the proper support as they adjust to their new shape and size.

For the first several weeks of recovery, patients should wear a comfortable, supportive bra that will also aid in healing and allow for a faster and easier recovery. It should be elastic enough to conform to the breast shape in order to provide gentle compression as well as strong support.

Suggested recovery bras have the following qualities:

A soft and stretchable band around the body will provide gentle support to the breasts while also being comfortable for the patient and accommodating the expected normal swelling. Wearing an underwire bra too early in the postoperative period can be both very uncomfortable and cause problematic pressure that can compromise the healing process.

Soft, breathable materials, such as cotton, allow airflow that aids in healing. A racerback-style bra is structurally more stable and will prevent the straps from falling off the shoulders and needing to be repeatedly adjusted.

Finally, a bra that hooks or clasps in the front will be far easier and less painful to put on and take off as compared to those bras with them situated in the back and requiring considerable contortions to manipulate.

It is a good idea to purchase a few of these types of bras prior to your surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Turkeltaub and his staff can give you the specifics on what type, style, and size of bra that you will need to get based on your individual circumstances as well as where you can obtain them. They will also provide you with a specific and individualized recovery timeline to follow.

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