What’s the Ideal Breast Shape?

Although there is not one breast shape that appeals to everyone, the vast majority of people have similar views on what constitutes an attractive breast. Recently, researchers conducted an investigation in order to identify the particulars of what most people consider an ideal-appearing breast. The results of their study were published in the September issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

This study revealed that the majority of people are most attracted to a breast with a slightly elevated nipple and a little more volume in the lower portion of the breast compared to the upper portion. This study, Population Analysis of the Perfect Breast: A Morphometric Analysis, surveyed 1,315 people from different backgrounds on the attractiveness of four women with different breast sizes. An image of each woman’s breasts was morphed into four different proportions based on the following:

  • Upper pole-to-lower pole ratio
  • Nipple angulation
  • Contour of the upper pole
  • Contour of the lower pole

Four photographs of a woman's breasts morphed into different shapes

Population Analysis of the Perfect Breast: A Morphometric Analysis
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®. 134(3):436-447, September 2014.

Respondents were presented with the four different images of each woman’s breasts (one of the four images is shown above) and asked to rank the four images in terms of attractiveness. For all of the breast sizes, the majority of people found the breast with a 45:55 upper pole-to-lower pole ratio the most attractive (the upper left photo above). Based on this study, the “ideal breast” has the following characteristics:

  • 45 percent of volume in the upper pole
  • 55 percent of volume in the lower pole
  • A nipple just above the center of the breasts that points slightly upward
  • A straight/mildly concave upper pole slope
  • A smooth lower pole convexity

Breasts with key measurements of the upper and lower poles

Population Analysis of the Perfect Breast: A Morphometric Analysis
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®. 134(3):436-447, September 2014.

Upper pole (U)
Lower pole (L)
Upper pole line (UPL)
Lower pole line (LPL)
Nipple meridian (NM)
Upper pole slope (UPS)
Lower pole convexity (LPC)

These characteristics describe a breast that has a very natural, youthful appearance.

Researchers suggest that this “ideal” breast be used as a basis for what surgeons should strive for when performing breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery

Unfortunately, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and significant weight loss can result in breasts that are saggy and pendulous with nipples that hang well below the center of the breast. Breast lift surgery can improve the shape and position of the breasts by removing excess tissue and reshaping the breasts into more attractive contours. This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation to achieve more youthful breasts with increased volume.

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