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The Importance of a Breast Augmentation to Women

Breast augmentation has been one of the top two cosmetic procedures for years that women have chosen for themselves. Furthermore, around 94% of them were so satisfied with the procedure and its effects that they would make the same decision again. This is an incredibly high level of satisfaction for anything so there must be some significant underlying reasons for it. Clearly, this plastic surgery procedure should not be considered to be frivolous.

What are some of these reasons for its popularity? Having larger and more attractive breasts does provide women with a greater sense of confidence and assuredness, self-worth and an improved self image. In many ways they can further validate and enhance their femininity, attractiveness and allure all of which are important. Thus, the positive effects are a combination of physical, mental and emotional influences.

Most people nowadays seem to recognize the importance of the beneficial effects that breast enlargement has on women – and not from a self-serving perspective. I generally see husbands, boyfriends, family and friends being quite supportive for women considering this procedure – which is how it should be.

The following video is the heart felt testimony of a patient of mine that clearly expresses the positive impact that a breast augmentation has on a woman’s psyche, emotions and attitude and outlook:

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