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When Are Breast Implants Indicated With a Mastopexy?

A mastopexy is the surgical procedure that addresses droopy breasts by tightening the skin, recontouring the shape, and lifting the tissues to create a more youthful appearance. Without the insertion of breast implants, the results may be breasts that are more normal in shape than before but often smaller than expected by the individual which can lead to some disappointment.
When, then, should you consider implants be for your mastopexy? The answer to this is not very difficult most of the time. If you feel that your drooping breasts now are smaller than you would like them to ultimately be, then undergoing a breast augmentation along with the breast lift should allow you to achieve the desired enlarged size. Conversely, if your breasts presently are much larger than you want them to be, there would be no need for implants. Instead, a reduction in size by removing breast tissue would be appropriate.

It is somewhere in between these two “extremes” that determining whether or not to insert breast implants may not be entirely obvious. This decision is also based on the facts that a mastopexy involves the removal of at minimum a small amount of breast tissue and compacts the volume of what remains, most women desire more volume at the upper part of their breasts (a push-up look) and most women would prefer to be a little bigger than a little smaller.

I have found that a vast majority of my patients who undergo a mastopexy also have a concurrent breast augmentation. Even a relatively small breast implant may create a firmer, fuller, rejuvenated appearance with improved cleavage that can be quite alluring.

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