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Treating Breast Asymmetry with Different Implants in Breast Augmentation Surgery

It would be fairly safe to say that a majority of people (maybe just men and some women, perhaps) assume that most women’s breasts are symmetrical. There is little thought given to the possibility that there may be differences in volume, dimensions, shape and/or location on the chest wall much of the time.

The fact is that most women’s breasts are not symmetrical. A frequently used expression is that they are not twins – they are sisters.

In some cases, the difference may be so great that they can be considered to be half-sisters.

Interestingly and perhaps surprisingly, many of the women that I’m examining as part of their breast augmentation consultation, are actually surprised if not shocked to find out that their breasts are not symmetrical. In some situations the differences are more than just minor yet they never noticed them nor were affected by them.

Many times the differences between the breasts are relatively minor and will not affect the planning or the performance of the breast enlargement surgery. There are other situations, however, where appropriately addressing these factors can lead to far better results with more symmetry. For example, breasts of different projections and volumes may be able to be corrected by selecting breast implants of different volumes and/or projections styles (low, moderate, high and ultra-high profile).

Though the two breasts will never be identical, obtaining greater similarity when possible should always be the goal.

The following patient of mine exemplifies the importance of a thorough examination and attention to details which can then yield better overall results. This 48 year old was always very self-conscious by the fact that her right breast was smaller and felt that the size difference was noticeable even in clothes (photo A and C). Consequently, she would always place padding in her bra on the right side in order to correct for the size difference.

A) Before breast augmentation

B) After asymmetrical breast augmentation

C) before

D) after

My examination of her confirmed this size difference. I felt that much better symmetry could be obtained by using a larger breast implant on the right side. For her breast augmentation, a 230 cc smooth surfaced high profile silicone breast implant was placed in a submuscular pocket on the right side and a 200 cc one on the left side. Her results clearly confirm the benefits of employing two different sized breast implants (photos B and D).

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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