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What Happens to Breast Implants As You Age?

Breast Revision Before and After PhotosSome women with breast implants may wonder what will happen to their implants as their breasts age. It is important for every breast augmentation candidate to understand that implants are long-lasting devices, but given enough time, they will likely need to be replaced or removed through breast revision surgery. The following information will help you understand how the appearance and condition of your implants and breasts may change over time.

Do Breast Implants Age?

Though breast implants are generally very durable and non-reactive devices, they may show signs of deterioration over time. A few factors may play a role in this, though what these are is not entirely clear. Interestingly, I have seen on many occasions one breast implant with significant “wear” or even rupture whereas the other side appears almost as pristine as the day it was inserted. This seems to be totally random and, for example, is not related to handedness or activities.

Breast implants can be affected by gravity, changes in the breast tissue, and other factors. It is important to realize that though they can last a long time, they are not permanent devices and given a long enough time, will not last forever. Silicone implants are far more durable and longer lasting than saline implants on average, but women with either implant type may need breast revision surgery at some point in time. This could be at five years or even 35 years or more.

How Do Breasts Change Over Time With Implants?

Over time, the results of a breast augmentation will change. This is a consequence of a multitude of factors including age, diet, genetics, smoking, stress, implant type, implant placement (above versus below the muscle), implant size, weight, weight fluctuations, activities, changes in breast composition (fat versus glandular tissue), and even bra wearing. As time passes, the body goes through subtle (or not so subtle) changes in shape and weight, and personal preferences and tastes may also change. Consequently, as you age, your breast implants will likely need to be replaced or removed at some point in time even if it has nothing to do with their condition.

If you do elect to undergo breast revision surgery, your newer implants may be even more durable than the ones you previously had due to improvements in technology. This procedure may also help rejuvenate your breasts making them firmer and resulting in a more attractive, younger appearance.

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