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How Will Breast Implants Affect My Running?

Serious runners, in general, tend to have less fat and a lower body mass index (BMI) due to their intense training and high number of miles run weekly. For some female runners, however, they would at least like to retain fat in one particular area: their breasts. Those who feel that their breasts are too small should consider pursuing a breast augmentation.

By making intelligent choices about breast implants for your breast enlargement, you can enhance your figure without negatively impacting your running.

Girl Running With Breast Implants

Customizing Breast Augmentation for Runners  

Customizing your breast augmentation in order to meet your aesthetic goals without having untoward effects on your running requires careful planning and consideration of several factors. You want your implants to enhance your appearance but not to interfere with movement, comfort, or speed. Dr. Turkeltaub can help you make the best decisions for your goals and lifestyle. Consider the following tips:

Implant Size: Choose Small or Moderate

Even though there is no obvious “best size implants for runners,” you should consider how certain sizes and styles (implant profile) could meet your aesthetic desires and still have little impact on your running. Disproportionately large implants will be problematic for avid and serious runners whereas undersized ones may fall far short of your desired body contours.

Many runners tend to be thin with naturally smaller breasts. If your breasts are small, even small or moderate sized implants could make a significant difference in your breast appearance and dramatically improve your curves. Large implants may look unnatural on women with minimal breast tissue and their heavy size may also hinder speed and increase discomfort. By choosing proportionately small or moderate sized implants, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your breasts while minimizing the effects on running.

Implant Type: Go With Silicone

Silicone implants feel and look natural and are requested by a majority of female athletes seeking breast augmentation. Saline implants, particularly in women with thinner skin, will not feel natural and will have a higher risk of rippling of the skin as well as other significant aesthetic shortcomings.

Implant Profile: Consider Moderate to High

While you ultimately want to select an implant profile that will look natural, bear in mind that low profile implants are widest at the base. If you are concerned about excess fullness on the sides of your breasts and the possibility of this interfering with your arm movement while running, you may want to steer toward moderate to high profile implants. However, if your breasts are naturally far apart, moderate profile implants will likely look more natural. Dr. Turkeltaub can help you find the ideal balance between function and appearance.

Implant Placement: Choose Submuscular

For runners, having your implants placed behind the muscle (submuscular pocket) has many advantages compared to being placed above the muscle. Among the positives for this location is that it provides better support, greater stability and less “bounce.”

Dealing With the Recovery

After a breast augmentation, there are restrictions of activities for all patients, though what these are does vary among plastic surgeons. On average, it is recommended to avoid running for at least three to four weeks but you will need to find out from your doctor what his/her specific recommendation is. By closely following your plastic surgeon’s instructions and taking the time for recovery, you can minimize the risk of any postoperative problems.

When you do return to running, it is crucial that you wear a properly fitting and very supportive sports bra. Just as you would not skimp on running shoes, pay for a high-quality sports bra that provides great support and minimizes breast movement with running.

Making the right choices for your breast augmentation will give you the freedom to run as much as you would like without having to worry about associated breast issues.

And, you will surely look a lot better in your running outfit!

Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, has helped countless and unique women over the last 30 years select the implants that were just right for them, no matter their lifestyle or activities. Sharing your concerns, preferences and goals with him will allow Dr. Turkeltaub to help you obtain the results that you are seeking.

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