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What is the Earliest Age That A Breast Augmentation Should be Done?

In our society, there is a strong emphasis on breasts and breast size. From magazines, television, movies and even advertisements, there is a preponderance of voluptuous well-endowed women that are seen as the ideal. Their presence seemingly everywhere can be quite stressful for the adolescent girl experiencing considerable hormonal and emotional fluctuations and physical changes along with a fragile body image.

When an adolescent girl realizes that her breasts are not and will never be the size that she would like them to be, what is the youngest age that it would be reasonable for her to pursue breast augmentation surgery? Taking physical, emotional, and intellectual issues and maturation into consideration, my recommendation is for her to wait until at least 18 years of age before undergoing a breast enlargement.

As with many things, there are some exceptions. If a girl has breasts of such significantly different sizes that is difficult to hide with normal clothing or if there is either severe underdevelopment or absence of one breast (which is often congenital in nature), proceeding with surgery at an earlier age may be more prudent. Surgery in these situations may even be considered to be reconstructive.

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Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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