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Breast Reductions Can Be Performed for Cosmetic Reasons

Breast reductions are most commonly performed for functional reasons, that is, to alleviate symptoms such as neck, back and shoulder pains, headaches and rashes. Even in these situations, there is an aesthetic effect as the smaller breasts will also be lifted and rejuvenated in appearance.

What are some of the reasons to undergo a breast reduction for cosmetic reasons? These can involve situations where the breasts are large but not so gigantic that they would be associated with discomfort but they are bigger than the woman desires or attract unwanted attention or comments. By reducing their size they will be more to the woman’s sought after body image and would be less conspicuous.

Another reason to pursue a breast reduction for aesthetic reasons is where the breasts are both droopy (ptotic) and larger than desired. In this scenario, they are not large enough to cause symptoms or to qualify for insurance coverage. By decreasing their size, tightening the skin envelope and lifting the tissue, smaller, perkier and more youthful appearing breasts can result.

This last scenario can possibly be considered also to be a breast lift (mastopexy) with a small reduction. There can be confusion at times as to what constitutes a breast reduction of which a lift is usually an intrinsic component versus a breast lift with a small reduction. Both procedures usually involve the same incisions. The difference lies in the amount of breast tissue that is removed. Though there is no specific amount that distinguishes between the two, some consider removal of less than 300 grams per side to warrant being called a lift with a small reduction.

Either way, the results are smaller, lifted and perkier breasts.

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