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What Is the Zoom Effect, and How Can It Affect Breast Enhancement Procedures?

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Is telecommuting part of your new normal? 

Has Zoom or other conferencing platforms become a part of your typical workday? 

If so, you may be subject to the “Zoom effect” that’s giving at-home workers incentive to make changes to their waist-up appearance.

Woman on a videoconferencing call, looking at participants.

What Is the Zoom Effect?

The use of videoconferencing software gives you an up-close-and-personal look at yourself from the chest up for extended periods of time. This unedited image gives many people pause as they’re critically reviewing their features frequently and maybe even comparing them to other conference participants.

As a result, many women—and even men—have decided that their appearance could benefit from some improvements, so they are heading to their plastic surgeon’s office for aesthetic procedures.

This has been called the “Zoom effect.”

What Types of Plastic Surgery Is the Zoom Effect Encouraging?

Because the face is the part of you most visible during a Zoom call, that’s where the initial focus is. However, facial imperfections aren’t the only features that draw attention. Most video conferencing cameras frame you from the waist or chest up, and this can further highlight issues with your breasts since you are essentially staring at them day in and day out. Consequently, the Zoom effect may be causing women who are dissatisfied with their upper body to consider breast surgery.

Zooming in on Your Breasts

If you are already displeased with the size, shape, or perkiness of your breasts, gazing at them on video day after day is likely to heighten your dissatisfaction.

Nature, weight loss, pregnancy, aging, and other factors can impact the appearance and firmness of your breasts. If they are underdeveloped, saggy, or deflated, a breast augmentation either alone or in combination with a breast lift procedure can deliver a welcome change.

Alternatively, if you have been struggling with overly large breasts that cause neck pain, back discomfort, and other problems, seeing them emblazoned on video can motivate the change you have been contemplating. A breast reduction can resolve these unwelcome issues and more.

Why Are More Women Considering Plastic Surgery Right Now?

While the constant visual of the chest-up during virtual meetings is a factor in heightening breast enhancement demand, it is not the only reason more women are considering plastic surgery right now. Due to COVID-19, far more women are working from home, which provides them with the opportunity to undergo surgery discreetly and with minimal—if any—time off from work. They can recuperate at home, lounging around in sweatpants, and still be working. 

The same is true for men who may be wanting to pursue a male breast reduction for the treatment of gynecomastia. However, whether they recuperate in sweatpants, boxers or business attire is an individual choice.

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