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What Are the Reasons to Choose Breast Implant Removal?

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Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular aesthetic procedures and has been for many years. However, certain situations and lifestyle changes can bring about the desire to have implants removed.

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Changes in Desired Appearance

One of the most common reasons women opt for explantation (implant removal) is that their tastes have changed and they no longer want to have large breasts. Some, though, may elect to downsize to a substantially smaller implant. 

Physical Changes

Changes in physical appearance can bring about the desire to have implants removed. For instance, weight gain can significantly increase breast size, making the implants superfluous. Furthermore, the combination of naturally enlarged breasts due to weight gain and the presence of sizable breast implants can lead to a breast size far larger than what was initially desired. Associated discomfort further compounds this issue.

Societal Norms Have Changed

With the changing of general societal “norms” or tastes, the attraction to large breasts has waned a bit. Since smaller breasts are presently “in,” some women may opt for implant removal or—at least—their downsizing. Of course, there is no unanimity when it comes to desirable breast size, so there are still plenty of women who want significantly larger breasts.

Breast Implant Issues

In some situations, the breast implants must be removed due to issues with the implants. If the implant has ruptured, there is rippling or significant capsular contracture, a woman may desire to remove the implants permanently rather than face the prospect of needing another procedure later on for similar or other reasons. 

Financial Considerations

Breast implants are not permanent devices and, given enough time, they will break down, losing their integrity. When that time comes, some patients may choose to have their implants removed permanently rather than having to deal, yet again, with implant-related costs in the future.


Choosing to remove one’s breast implants is a personal decision. No matter what the reason is for wanting an explantation, it is always an option. 

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