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Why Can’t You Exercise Right After Breast Augmentation?

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Exercising too soon after your breast augmentation surgery may increase your risk of complications and even lead to poor, unsatisfactory results. Though you may feel great and don’t think that taking it easier on your workouts or vigorous activities will do any harm, don’t do it!

It is not worth the risk and potential additional costs needed to correct the untoward consequences.

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What Should I Avoid After My Breast Surgery?

Regardless of whether or not fitness is an important part of your life, you must follow the guidelines given to you by your plastic surgeon strictly. Dr. Turkeltaub strongly recommends against engaging in vigorous exercises after your surgery for three to four weeks (generally). Other plastic surgeons may have their own protocols.

You can engage in most non-strenuous activities that do not involve repetitive movements of your arms and do not substantially increase your heart rate. Casual walks, as tolerated, are good. Vacuuming or cleaning your house or apartment, moving furniture, lifting heavy items or running are no-nos. (To learn more about choosing implants for runners, read our blog here.

What Complications Can Occur When Exercising Too Early After Surgery?

Bleeding and Hematoma

Heavy lifting and vigorous or strenuous activities can precipitate active bleeding and/or hematoma (undesirable collection of blood) formation following surgery. This elevated risk may be present for up to two months after the procedure.

Wound Separation

More aggressive upper extremity and chest activities, as well as extensive and repetitive reaching, can tear or break the sutures in the incision, resulting in wound separation and possibly even implant exposure. This can lead to infection and the need to remove the breast implant.

Thick and Wide Scar Formation

If you don’t give yourself enough time before engaging in a serious workout, your body’s natural healing process can increase the risk of forming thicker or wider scars.

Implant Displacement or Shifting

Working out very early on can potentially result in implant displacement that can be permanent and significant.

Capsular Contracture

If bleeding and hematoma occur due to vigorous or strenuous activities (see above), you may have a significantly increased risk of developing capsular contracture. This is where thick and tight scar tissue forms around the implants, causing deformities in appearance and hardness on feel. 

Often, nothing short of surgical intervention, including implant replacement, will fully address this problem. 

Severe or Prolonged Pain

Exercising too soon can lead to increased and abnormal swelling and bruising, causing greater and prolonged pain.

Need for Subsequent Breast Revision Surgery

Some of the complications that can occur are the results of ill-advised overactivity that may require breast revision surgery to correct or properly address them. These occurrences were likely avoidable.  

Follow the Instructions That Were Given to You

Dr. Turkeltaub understands your need to return to your favorite activities or work as quickly as possible after breast augmentation surgery. However, by adhering to the postoperative instructions provided to you, the risk for the development of complications can be minimized.

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