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Why Is a Compression Bra So Important After Breast Surgery?

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A very important part of the recovery from breast surgery is the specific post-surgical bra. This is to be worn in the immediate postoperative period AND afterward as instructed. Wearing a compression bra to protect your recently augmented, enhanced or reduced breasts can make a world of difference to your recovery and to your final results.

Woman wrapping a compression bra around her breast.

A good quality surgical bra is crafted from strong fabrics and is designed to provide comfort and support to the healing breasts by applying targeted pressure to the affected areas. 

When you are recovering from breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, breast lift surgery or breast reduction, a compression bra can make you feel as if you were being permanently hugged by your best friend: comfortable and secure.

But, aside from the comfort and security your compression bra provides, there are a few other important reasons why you should wear it for the recommended period of time:

1. A Compression Bra Can Help Reduce Swelling

One of the natural consequences of surgery, such as for a breast augmentation, is swelling which is caused by fluid in the tissues. This is an absolutely normal part of the body’s healing process. A compression bra helps your body absorb these retained fluids faster, resulting in reduced swelling and an acceleration of the healing process.

2. It Helps Support the New Breast Shape

Aesthetically speaking, breast surgery is designed to make your breasts look more beautiful and symmetric than before. In order to help achieve the desired result, it is important that your breasts are supported and stabilized for a period of time. This protects against untoward forces such as gravity and allows the tissues to better heal in the configuration that is desired.

3. A Compression Bra Can Shorten the Recovery Process

By reducing swelling quicker, supporting the breast shape and its maintenance as well as providing greater comfort, it is no surprise that a surgical bra can help you recover from your breast surgery faster and better than without it. It also allows you to feel more secure and confident about performing your normal activities without damaging your incisions or hurting your breasts.

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