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3 Reasons a Breast Reduction Can Help Active Women

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When your breasts’ size causes physical discomfort and affects your quality of life and the activities that you can engage in, breast reduction surgery may be a great option for you to consider. 

Women in athletic clothing exercising outside on sidewalk.

Physically active women whose breasts present physical limitations or secondary issues, such as pain, rashes, or skin breakdown, are often ideal candidates for this procedure. 

Without a doubt, a breast reduction can deliver solid benefits that complement and support an active lifestyle.

1. Reduce Physical Stress on the Body

Large breasts are heavy, which causes sagging, stress, and discomfort. In addition, pendulous breasts tend to swing more freely while you are in motion. This puts greater strain on your body during vigorous exercise. Specialty sports bras may offer some help at times, but rarely are they strong enough to provide the support and restraint needed to solve the problem. Many women will actually wear two or more bras in these situations just to attempt to get better control and support of their anatomy. 

Wearing just one of these stronger sports bras can be very constricting and uncomfortable. Having to wear two or more…let’s not go there!

Clearly, having very large breasts and then trying to manage them comfortably can be a deterrent to exercise.

Breast reduction surgery removes the burdensome weight that places strains on your back, shoulders and elsewhere, and is associated with numerous other symptoms. The results of this procedure can be more agility, better respiration, improved posture, comfort, and more. These combined effects make it easier to exercise longer and without unpleasant breast-related symptoms.

2. Increase Confidence While Exercising

Many women feel self-conscious about the size of their too-large breasts. This can be especially problematic at the gym or when you are engaging in outdoor physical activities. It may feel like everyone is staring at you. 

They are!

You worry that your sports bra isn’t doing its job adequately. This sense of embarrassment can make you cut your workout sessions short or thwart your plans to exercise altogether.

Once your breasts have been reduced, you may have a newfound sense of confidence. Without the anxiety of being watched or judged due to the size of your chest, you can concentrate on your fitness. You could even find yourself finally committed to an active exercise regime.

3. Enhance Balance for Better Performance

Large breasts can adversely affect your balance and impact core strength. Exercising with huge breasts can also upset your center of gravity and cause many of your movements to be choppy and unstable. These are all important factors in challenging physical activities. They can impair your performance in sports such as tennis, softball, golf, and volleyball.

After a breast reduction, you are more likely to enjoy better balance, a more compact center of gravity, smoother transitions, greater endurance, and less fatigue. This reduction may even inspire you to try out new activities such as diving, rock climbing, ballet, gymnastics, judo, tai chi, or yoga.

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